Tuesday, May 24, 2011

An Anti-Aging Treatment....for your resume!?!?

A great resume is like an investment wardrobe piece - classic and timeless.  It doesn't scream an era or look out of style. 

If you created your on-ramp/back to work resume using the same writing tips from back in the day, chances are your resume is out of style.  If so, your resume may be ready for an anti-aging facial of sorts. 

Here are 2 resume renewal treatments that can give your resume an updated look for a 21st century job search:

1.  Be Objective About Your Objective:  We all learned that objectives should talk about what we are looking for...advancement potential, room to grow, yada yada yada.  Today, it's no longer 'all about me.'  Organizations are looking for what you can do for THEM, not how they can help YOU.  Rephrase your resume objective to highlight what you bring to the table.  Use keywords for your target market AND the job posting. 

2. One Size Does NOT Fit All:  Customizing resumes is essential.  A generic resume that tries to promote your skills and abilities for any and all potential jobs just doesn't work.  Tweak your resume to match what the prospective employer is looking for.  I help my clients create a master resume for each of their target areas, and then teach them how to make slight changes depending upon a job posting or company profile.  This way, they're not starting over each time.  Rather, they're making small changes that take their resume from good to GREAT!

For more ideas, check out Does Your Resume Make You Look Old on CNN Money.

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