Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sometimes you just have to start at the beginning...

The official book launch party for Words for the Journey - thoughts and affirmation for women returning to work is in 16 days!! I am thrilled to be giving away copies and talking with area women about careers and reinvention.

It's funny. When I decided to write a book, I intended to write an action plan - a step by step process for women planning their returns to paid employment. It's something I should have been able to write in  my sleep.  I've coached clients on it. I've spoken about it. I've written blog posts about it. But every time I sat down to write the darn book, it just wouldn't flow.

I tried to force it.

I worked to ram right through the blockage.

I procrastinated.

I made excuses.

I let weeks and months crawl by with nary a sentence or two that was worth anything.

Then I cleared the deck, took an entire weekend, and gave up what I thought I was supposed to write about and just started writing. That's when a totally different book started to be written;  that's the one we'll be launching at the lovely shindig on the 11th - Words for the Journey: thoughts and affirmations for women returning to work.

You see, no matter how hard we push, sometimes it comes down to letting go and starting at the beginning. In my head, I had it all sorted (or so I thought). But it wasn't until I was ready to open up, let go of my expectations, and consider possibilities that things fell into place.

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