Saturday, January 7, 2012

More on Music and Your Job Search

I knew it!! 

Your playlist CAN change your life... 

and it's the premise of a new book by brain-computer systems expert Don DuRousseau and Drs. Galina Midlin and Joseph Cardillo called  Your Playlist Can Change Your Life (Sourcebooks, 2012).  The trio has collaborated to share their expertise on brain research and performance and how music impacts how we think, feel and act.

Recently, I wrote about music to inspire job seekers (  My recommendations included tunes that I find inspiring and uplifting, either because of lyrics, melody or both.  It turns out there is actually a physiological connection between music and our brains and bodies that has to do with the song's beats per minute, brainwaves and even lyrics. And according to the authors of Your Playlist Can Change Your Life, there are ways to harness the power of music to increase its impact and boost your performance on various tasks.

The authors' website has lots of great suggestions for playlists for organizing, feeling better and even increasing your alertness.  My own ipod has playlists for creating (mostly instrumentals), writing (heavy on Joni Mitchell - her phrasing and imagery clear the pathway from my brain to the paper like no other), and walking (high energy tunes to keep me moving fast).  I plan to incorporate some of the strategies from the book to build even better playlists!

How about making your very own job search playlists?  Consider creating 3:  one for when you're working at your computer, one for listening to when you're on your way to interviews, meetings and networking events, and another soundtrack of sorts to play while you're visualizing your career success.

Happy listening!!

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