Sunday, March 28, 2010

Savvy Sobriquets...Email Handles for Job Seekers

Momma4, tennismom1, and gemini1968 seemed like great choices for your email handle.

But now that you're on ramping, a mom returning to work, email names like these can land your resume and cover email in the spam or delete folders of the HR gatekeeper faster than a coach passenger trying to use the first class lavatory gets turned back at the curtain!

There is a pretty easy solution for getting a more professional sounding email. Create a new account with one of the free email service providers such as gmail, yahoo, and hotmail. Check out (click on Top 17 free email acounts article) for descriptions of some of the popular options that are available.

When you create your new account, you'll be asked for your new username or email ID. Think about something professional, something that will be easy to identify you as, well, you. Consider using a combination of your name, something like jane.Doe, j.doe, doe.j, or doe.jane.

Having a professional email name increases your chance for success on several levels. Plus, it's a quick and easy to do that gets you closer to returning to work!

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