Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Guess who was the She Writes guest blog curator this week? I spent a couple of days reading dozens of blogs with the unenviable task of being able to select ONLY 3 to highlight. Here they are, along with my 3/7 post from She Writes. Enjoy visiting these wonderful blogs...

I now know I could positively, absolutely NOT be a judge on American Idol. I admit to being quite flummoxed by the task of choosing ONLY 3 She Writes bloggers. There are so many interesting, well-written, clever, and insightful blogs out there! I persevered, and finally came up with 3 for my guest curator review. Without further adieu, I present 3 blogs you’ll be really glad you’ve taken some time to visit…

Dr. Debra Condren's Ambition Is Not A Dirty Word: I spent a fair amount of time navigating around this content-rich blog and have barely scratched the surface. Debra dispenses career advice and shares relevant blog posts and articles on issues we can all relate to. Home Away From Home, How to Take It Back, and 3 Tips to Refresh an Out-of-date Rolodex and Network By Sundown are just a few examples of her quick, information-packed, and easy-to-read posts that I particularly enjoyed. Her blog is also a great example of one that multi-tasks…in addition to her posts, she has opportunities to purchase her book, a call for interviews for her next book, information about her coaching services, links to press clips, and video.

Kathy Johnson's Catching Happiness: Spending time here is like visiting with one of your favorite friends. You know, that special friend who always has something interesting, witty or insightful to say. That special friend you usually turn to when you need a dose of common sense or clarity. When I read her ‘book junkie’ post, I found a kindred spirit “…all those books waiting to be opened – and they’re free.” Thanks, Kathy! I'll be by to visit again soon.

Natalie Snapp's Mommy on Fire: This blog is written from the heart. I was utterly enchanted by her March 4th post about Meemo’s birthday, and encourage you to read it, too. Natalie, please share more of Meemo’s advice when you get a chance. I laughed out loud over “Boundaries!!” Hope you don’t mind, but I’ll be using that one as needed :-). And please, please, please wish Meemo the very best of birthdays (albeit a bit belatedly) from me.

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Lisa Rivero said...

Carol, I love the variety of the blogs you chose! Thank you for some delightful Sunday morning reading.