Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Truth About Stay at Home Moms

The Truth About Stay At Home Moms

Show me a picture of a stay at home mom and I’ll say “Check her odometer!!” The phrase, you see, is a complete oxymoron.

Not one woman I know who has ‘stayed home,’ really did. While we may have decided to off ramp from career paths, many of us applied our business and project management skills to new venues. For moms who ‘stayed home,’ we accomplished lots of things: served on boards of directors of non profits, volunteered as officers of PTOs and PTAs, consulted part-time, volunteered in ministry work, used project management skills in logistical and financial planning for our homes,….the list truly is endless!

How do I know about this? Because I was there in the trenches alongside you! I’ve seen how hard you work and how smart you are. I know what you have to offer to the world of work. Your work ethic is unparalleled, your ability to multi-task…well, let’s just say you are one of the originators of the movement, and your teamwork skills are about as good as they get. In other words, YOU ROCK!

So, as you begin to create your resume and plan for going back to work, consider all that you’ve been doing ‘at home.’ We may have some teaching to do, helping companies and organizations understand how our achievements ‘at home’ translate into valuable workplace skills. But once we begin to show them what we’ve got, they’ll be clamoring for other comeback moms to join their ranks!

Please keep me posted on your progress!! I’d love to begin highlighting some success stories in future posts.

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