Monday, October 21, 2013

In Spite Of

by Carol Camerino
I wrote this at a gathering of some AMAZING writer-friends (Janet Cargill, Kathy Kane, Julie Genovese and Denise Williams). As the self-proclaimed non-creative writer in the group (non-fiction/journalistic style is more my game), I admit to feeling intimidated as I put pen to paper once our writing prompt was shared.  No one was more surprised than I to discover I had written a poem

I thought I'd share it here as the message of hope, redemption and the promise of tomorrow relate to all areas of life - including job search and careers.
In spite of…

In spite of…

It’s dark.

The path is unclear; you’re unsure of where to start.

No matter that this day wasn’t what you had hoped it would be.

The stars will shine tonight.
Their light in the velvet night sky like the
spray of soap bubbles, ready to clear the remnants away and
leave a fresh new canvas awaiting what's next.

What a gift these stars are, reminders that their
glimmer means you get to start anew.

Yes, tomorrow IS a new day.

“Hello stars!” you  might say tonight. “Work your magic and usher in my next chance, my new opportunity, my tomorrow.”

When you wake, the stars will be gone.
Their sparkle, magic and power now dissolved into the new
blank slate that is today.

In spite of…

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