Friday, October 14, 2011

Creating Space & Returning to Work

Create spaciousness so creativity can breath... 

so says my friend Claire O'Connor on a recent Enchanted Life facebook post.

Claire and her husband Ken help people live authentic, inspired and creative lives.  And this 6 word post is a pretty powerful mantra.   

When I originally read it, I was particularly struck by its application for job seekers, including moms returning to work.  Here's my slight redux, tweaked ever so slightly for my dear and wonderful job seekers: Create spaciousness so opportunities can appear.  

It's certainly not a necessity to declutter and organize in order to find a job and return to work.  But what I know is that it can sometimes make the difference between finding success and feeling stuck in place, with little positive momentum being gained.

What's in your environment that is creating a drag on you?  It could be a cluttered closet, an overburdened calendar, an overflowing junk drawer, or a car that is filled to the brim with the detritus of everyday life.  Whatever it is, the overall effect is the same.  It zaps energy and stops momentum in its tracks.  It's kind of like running in the pool...lots of energy expended, but not much distance covered.

Compare that to the zippy feeling of being organized and in control.  Ahhh...feel like you can rule the world, no?  

During job clubs, I sometimes give a take home assignment (or 'homeplay' to use the words of another wonderful friend and coach, Sierra J. Sullivan) to tackle an area of life that is cluttered or disorganized as a prep step for on ramping back to work. 

The result is often unanimous, with participants bubbling through the door sharing how amazing it feels to finally tackle something they had been putting off.  And by removing a negative, cluttered zone from their day to day, they've created space.  Perhaps that space is for creativity, self care or employment possibilities; things that couldn't enter because there simply wasn't enough space.

So, a challenge:  focus on 1 area and 1 area only to de-clutter or organize by the end of the weekend. Put it on your to do list and block out time on your calendar.  It doesn't have to be photo-shoot ready.  It just needs to be better than it was before - more airy and more spacious to create space for whatever your heart desires.  

If your project is a biggie (basement organizing - that's what I'm working on!), set a smaller goal for yourself that can be accomplished between now and the weekend.  For example, perhaps you'll just tackle going through 3 boxes or organizing holiday decorations.  

I'd love to hear how it goes.  Email me if you'd like to share!

All the best,

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