Thursday, July 2, 2009

Where's the On Ramp?

Looking for the on, that phrase so very aptly describes the Comeback Mom's journey!

Have you ever taken an exit-only ramp off a major freeway and quickly realized that you'd made a mistake? This is SO not my exit, you begin to think. Finding your way back to the freeway can be harrowing, time consuming, irritating, and a major say the least! For those of us moms who took career off ramps years ago, our journey back to the on ramp is a bit like this scenario. We were sure about the exit, but finding the on ramp is not as easy as we may have thought it would be.

Trying to use the same old job search techniques from days gone by won't help you to restart your career in a meaningful way. It's kind of like trying to go back up the exit ramp in reverse....definitely not a good approach. The path you took to get off the career superhighway is not the one you'll need to take to get back on.

After staging my own comeback of sorts, commiserating with women attempting their own career comebacks, and providing last minute interview/skills tutorials to friends on important 'interview eves,' I decided to research the comeback mom phenomenon and write a resource book geared for moms like us.

Looking For the On Ramp: A Guide For Comeback Moms will be published later this year. However, I want to begin sharing what I've learned and to hear from other comeback moms regarding what works, success stories, journey detours and challenges. I also hope to provide a forum for comeback moms to support one another, share tips and strategies, and celebrate successes.

Check back often for updates, tips, and strategies for staging your career comeback. If you have information you'd like to share or would like to be interviewed for my book, please email me at

Best to you,