Thursday, August 3, 2017

It's So Much More Than A Résumé...working with a professional résumé writer

It just happened again!

I sat down to call a client; reviewing her resume draft was on the agenda. She remarked at how she had really lost touch with her professional accomplishments and seeing herself now on paper, especially through my eyes, infused great energy and enthusiasm into her future job search.
So often, really understanding one's own unique value proposition (or what it is that makes someone a solid candidate) can be elusive. We get caught in the weeds, focusing only on job tasks and responsibilities and not on the results and how we impacted our departments, coworkers, bosses, and/or clients.

But a great résumé writer, one who conducts an in-depth interview to FULLY understand your career path to date AND where you're headed, provides a fresh perspective that is incredibly valuable. This new perspective will impact your interviews, networking, and more, and provide new and fantastic ways to describe your experience and accomplishments.

When someone reaches out to me about my writing their résumé, I explain that while they will be very happy with what I create for them, the new insight into their career, strengths, and accomplishments is like getting two things for the price of one. 

When I get to hear how thrilled they are - and how their confidence has increased, I feel so lucky to get to do this work!

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